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About Us

About Us

We are pleased to introduce to you our company, the Vacation Bhutan is one of the most specialized tour operators in the Kingdom licensed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA), registers under Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), Royal Government of Bhutan. TCB is an autonomous body which oversees the Tourism industry in Bhutan. We specialize in serving both the foreign (Third countries) and second countries tourist visiting Bhutan.

We have vast experience in handling inbound international tourists, worldwide air ticketing, trekking cultural tours and many more. We have trained and experienced staff with guides of high skill and experience who guide the tourists through the Himalayan mists and the various exotic destinations within the country. The earthly paradise, best known as DrukYul will be shown to you in its truly crystallized manifestation of sublime -nature which is one of the last relics of this wonderful world.

We offer expanded packages and special customized Festival and cultural Tours. Each of our tour packages is designed with great degree of flexibility to meet the budget and expectations of individuals or groups. Our Treks are fully equipped with the best of gears with the support of the most experienced tour leaders and crew. We carry our own supplies and provisions to ensure quality food and comfortable accommodations that meet our high standards. Our local Tour Guides are among the best and the most experienced in culture, religion, history and geography of the region. They will guide you through unique places of cultural and historic significance and share with you interesting folklores, legends, myths and superstitions of the local people. We will make all of your arrangements, from choosing the right trip including air travel and trip extensions, until you depart from Bhutan. We provide you the highest quality of service, to assure you have a wonderful holiday in the Himalayas.

With a dedicated person leading the company, we also have well experienced guides, with good speaking English Language but yet to a very Bhutanese Culture. All our guides, be it a Cultural Guide or trekking guide, they are trained and licensed by Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) under the international norm of tourism.

With, helping our visitors to discover Bhutan since last eleven years, Dhewang Tours & Treks has now discovered it’s own network with trusted and TCB authorized Hotels and Resorts to provide our visitors a comfortable and home stay logistics. We have the tourist standard (Three Stars) hotels and with maximum of all services like, Internet Cafe, Discotheques, MP Halffl, Bar, Conference Hall, Hot stone bath and 24 hours Coffee shop, but as you go on to eastern part of Bhutan, you would find a minor difference and the less availability of hotel service but upto the services of tourist expectation.

Unlike other nations, the only way to get traveled from place to place within Bhutan is by means of road Transportation. Dhewang Tours & Treks  provides our visitors with foreign branded vehicles as like Hyundai, Toyota and other 4 Wheel Drive vehicle, and drivers provided with our visitors are not less than 4 years experienced and trained and licensed by Road Safety & Transport Authority under RGoB.

Vacation Bhutan strive to provide you more then what you expect, so let us show you that we are the ones whom you can trust upon. Read our client’s endorsement here for more.

We wait to see you soon in Bhutan.